Our History

1 Jugos S.A. was founded in 1976 by a group of integrated producers in the region who felt need to start processing the large volume of pears and apples industrially without location in fresh fruit markets. Thus developed a company capable of obtaining concentrated juices of high quality, satisfying the most demanding internal and external requirements.  

1 The first Board was chaired by Mr. Antonio Pirri who played this role with vigour and enthusiasm until his physical disappereance. Followed by a group of people with the same entrepreneurial spirit, after years of sustained growth, the company reached a remarkable place in the market of concentrated apple and pear juices.

1 The industrial plant is located in Villa Regina, in one of the largest production of fresh fruit of Alto Valle of Rio Negro province, and Neuquén province (Argentine Patagonia), place privileged by ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of pears and apples that give rise to the concentrated juices that are made.


 Our Mission

3 To transform fruit production accompanying the wishes and expectations of customers, giving priority to quality and food safety to generate profitable business opportunities.


 Our Vision

3 To be seen as a symbol of trust and professionalism in the field of juices and essences of pear and apple concentrates.


 Quality Profile

3 Jugos S.A. undertakes ,as a manufacturer of juices and essences of pear and apple concentrates, to generate trust and satisfaction of their customers through the following actions:

        - To mantain a codex alimentarium-based food safety system.

         -To promote the continuous imprevement of their products and precesses.

         -Permanently developing suppliers and staff, privileging the preventive actions for the remedial.

 These activities will be aligned within a framework of social responability.


 Working Health and Security Policy

3 To develop a program and actions in occupational health and safety, in order to prevent, minimize and eliminate the risks of exposure to our staff and visitors to occupational accidents and diseases.


Environmental Policy

3 Jugos SA expresses its commitment to protecting the environment facilitating and encouraging each person in the company to do their work reconciling the requirements of their activities with the utmost respect for the environment, through continuous improvement in carrying out their responsibilities and functions.

 The basic principles that govern our environmental policy are:


  Ensure compliance with legislation, regulation and environmental standards. 
 Know and apply the best available scientific and technical developments related to environmental protection. 
  Verify and correct irregularities in relation to processes and activities which may affect the environment. 
  Conduct environmental studies in all projects of new facilities permanently evaluating environmental impacts that they generate. 
  Implement ongoing training activities, awareness and motivation on the protection of the environment for the staff  of Juice S.A. 
  Raise awareness among suppliers and the community on the fulfilment of environmental requirements.



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